First and foremost, maintaining the safety of our clients is our main concern during these uncertain times. The precautions that need to be taken to prevent further transmittal of the COVID-19 virus have caused a shift in the way houses are bought and sold globally. Our team is equipped with the latest technologies that allow you to meet with our agents virtually to tour homes to buy, list homes to sell, and electronically submit and approve offers. We understand that families are sometimes faced with limited choices when they need to move, so our team is available to assist with the newly augmented processes while following the recommended protocols to minimalize risks. With the new "stay at home" orders going into effect throughout the St. Louis metro area, buying and selling real estate is still a necessity for economic stability. Our licensed Missouri real estate agents are available to assist you and your family.  


Holding an open house is always a good strategy to let home buyers preview a property in person. With gathering restrictions in place throughout the state, most open houses have been canceled in favor of private showings and virtual tours. Some open houses are still held with strict rules for good reasons. The methods to show the property are at the discretion of the sellers, but our team is prepared to accommodate the seller's wishes while providing our buyers with the information needed to make an informed decision. If there is a property on your wish list that you would like to see, contact us to help schedule a tour.


Selling a home is a huge decision and many people are scared to go on the market with the COVID-19 pandemic looming. At the time of this posting, inventory for buyers is low and homes are selling quickly at normal market rates. Buyers are still buying for various reasons and the lower inventory helps keep home prices where sellers maintain their hard-earned equity. With an increased number of people working from home, there is a larger pool of buyers shopping online for their next home. Do not let fear influence your decision to sell, let us help you navigate the modified selling process required in the real estate market today. 


With market volatility hitting record levels, and consumer uncertainty levels elevated, our government and financial institutions created programs to attempt to combat the chaos. Many of these programs are very attractive for families looking to buy a home. Rates have been going crazy lately! We partner with a handful of skilled mortgage lenders that can find the best program to fit your needs. Jump on your computer, or pick up the phone and contact our team to ease your mind while planning your next home purchase.


We are ALL in this together! Be safe, be smart, and try not to willingly take any unnecessary risks. The real estate buying and selling processes have changed to accommodate governmental mandates. The real estate market is still hot in the Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, O'Fallon, and the remaining greater St. Louis areas. As much as we would like you to choose our team to represent you during your next buying and/or selling transaction, there are many experienced agents and brokers in St. Charles County and surrounding areas that have been educated on the required changes to the process. Hire your favorite agent or contact us today to schedule a virtual consultation to address your real estate needs without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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